Excited to know what the stars have stored for you in 2013? Find our free forecast on love, health, finance and career for Cancer, with this horoscope.
Astrology: Cancer: Cancer 2013 Free Horoscope

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Cancer 2013 Free Horoscope

2013 presents you a year full of luck, success and delights. While you’d been struggling for the previous years, your efforts will start producing results, from now. Luck will be highly in favor of you. You have a brighter future to plan – stop being nostalgic about the past and start enjoying the present. Expect a high-spirited lifestyle on the health cards. But, do not forget to continue following a balanced diet and practicing a regular exercise regimen. A friendly and amicable environment will surround the residence. Exceptional joy and happiness will flow in from children and siblings. A word of caution for expecting mothers – special care is required in the second half of the year. Travel to outstation destinations is on the cards, which will prove profitable. On the professional front, a series of new contacts will develop, that’ll help you climb the success ladder.
Finance and Career: You’ll be encountered with a handful of greens in 2013. Money invested in the past will produce fruitful returns. The workplace will give you a pleasant atmosphere to make the most of your duties allocated. Support and help will flow in from colleagues and co-workers. Also, you can expect lucrative opportunities in terms of work, which can be further benefitted by incorporating capable subordinates and personnel in your team. Seek guidance from colleagues and utilize only those suggestions that are practical, to excel. The year comes as a prolific period for professionals engaged in the fields of academics and accounting.
Love and Romance: For singles, this is the right time to find prospective matches and tie the nuptial knot. However, be cautious while fixing your wedding date, especially between February and May. Recently married couples have a holiday trip in-line to exotic locations. Those planning a baby will find success, during the months of February through April, in particular. Loads of emotional support will flow in from your soul-mate. What’s more, you have goodie bag filled with romance and intimate moments. To add more spice and thrill to your love life, break the monotonous bar and try new techniques.
Health and Relationships: 2013 presents you a healthy plate, in general. To reduce stress, inculcate calmness and peace within you. To continue staying fit, let the necessary nutrients and supplements go in the food preparation. You’ll concretize most of your personal dreams. Allow the right time to arrive to make the move and take your relationship a step further, with understanding, reliability, and freedom.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: White
Lucky Months: February, April and August
No matter how many efforts you make, you’ll be held down by someone. Excessive traveling is likely to happen. Take a break to relax and freshen up. Feelings of homesickness may arouse for those moving out-of-hometown for a job. Wedding bells are expected to ring for bachelors. There will be no health concerns. You’ll have to stress out yourself to meet the deadlines to accomplish a given task, on the professional front. An accident with a person of the opposite sex will add spark to your love life and keep you on your toes throughout the month.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Parrot Green
This romantic month will take you to heights that you’ve not targeted before. You’ll finish off a designated task very soon. Though you’ll have to put in extra efforts, but your finances will increase. Loving the company of your sweetheart will raise you to seventh heaven. Total fitness flows in with additional attempts. A change in your lifestyle is also predicted.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: Lemon
You’ll receive attention from all directions – love it! Someone may advice you on the professional front, but think twice before acting. Be careful while driving and avoid giving a helping hand to anyone seeking a lift, in your vehicle. There is someone who’ll keep a check on your expenses – you’ll dislike it, unknown of the fact that it’ll benefit you in the long run. Your desire to spend time with your family may not be fulfilled, due to lack of time on their part. Good news is on the cards from someone whom you are constantly in touch with.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Lavender
Excitement will flow in as you’ll get engaged in amusing hobbies and pastimes. Your enthusiasm will further be boosted with plans made with friends. You are likely to invite someone to your residence. With several meetings lined up, managing love life can be a little difficult. While the track of romance is expected to be chaotic, the professional route will be smooth with accomplishment of a task that you enjoy doing. Domestic expenses will reduce as you start cutting down unnecessary costs. Depending upon your lifestyle, you finally enroll in a workout schedule.
Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Color: Bottle Green
Unlike the previous month, you’ll find enough time to meet your romantic needs and cheer up your partner. Sufficient mental peace will be gifted as family pressure subsides and gives you freedom to do your personal things. With a lucrative income, your financial problems will start withdrawing. You’ll manage to convince someone to do your project in academics. A trip with friends is likely to happen. Incorporate light exercises in your regimen to remain healthy.
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Color: Magenta
Those engaged in retail business are likely to get rewarding returns. This month may see some looking for a suitable property. Responsibility flowing in on your shoulders from someone will satisfy you absolutely. Professionally, avoid taking too much of work, as volunteering for everything will land you nowhere. Give your spouse the required space. To take love matters further, you’ll have to make the first move.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Color: Cyan
You might have to extract time from your work to complete your personal work. Also, there’s something that you’ve just finished that’ll yield you the desired results. Efforts being made for a long time will provide you with a plate full of financial success. You’ll take the lead while handling a family function. Time spent with your lover will be satisfying. You are set to embark an exciting long journey with a close associate. Stay neutral and listen to both the sides, to resolve a family matter.
Lucky Number: 22
Lucky Color: Violet
To keep away from excess exertion of physical activities, provide your body with ample relaxation. An unfavorable situation at workplace will be met with, through your strong gut feeling. In academics, you’ll perform well, if you add doses of honesty and sincerity to your efforts. Various sources will open up to earn money. You may earn complete faith of a family friend to do something. A visit to an outstation relative or friend is probable.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Saffron
You’ll be completely involved in a new project, resulting in positive outcomes. Satisfaction is on the cards at workplace with everything falling in place. New subjects taught at academics can be managed only with dedication and determination. By being nice at home, everyone is likely to favor you. More friends are expected to be added in your circle. Your health condition will be satisfactory. List of priorities will have romance placed on the top.
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Color: Cream
Your eagerness to participate into something will persuade you to settle things and bring everything on track. With support from a colleague, you’ll excel at office work. Restrain yourself from getting into arguments on the academic front. Restrictions will also flow in your social life, due to work load. Spend judiciously, as overspending can leave you with lesser savings. Sleepless nights are expected as you may be encountered with a personal problem.
Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Color: Rose
As you’ve not taken a break for long, a sightseeing tour or holiday is predicted. Confronting competition from classmates in academics can be daunting. Office politics may put you at the risk of getting victimized. Left with no alternative, you may have to provide company to someone on a trip. Tighten your belt and fold your sleeves to prove yourself on the professional end. Hurdles are likely to arise while you are making efforts in seeking approval for extension or addition to an ancestral home.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Electric Grey
Appreciation will flow in from the academic front. You have a small misunderstanding to solve – clear it asap! To prove your worth, produce results, as unnecessary buttering will not do any help. Expect a call from someone whom you are attracted towards romantically; thus, making this month full of love and passion. You’ll stand for an issue on the domestic front, with success. The financial graph will rise up. Being more health conscious, you’ll stay fit and fine.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Electric Grey