Love, career, health, business & finance forecast for August 2012 for all sun signs.
Astrology: August 2012 Horoscope

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August 2012 Horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope for August 2012
Think patiently while finalizing your future professional plans. Keep in mind that any hasty decision on your part could hamper your business interests. Better to be focused on your targets. There is also a need to keep your promise to spend time with your loved ones this month despite your tight schedule to save love life. Better to use the opportunity to share as much time in each others’ company to bring joy. Carelessness on the health front for expectant mothers would put unnecessary stress on the unborn child. Remain as tension-free as possible to enjoy a healthy and prosperous life. 
Lucky Color: Sea Green
Lucky Number: 7
Taurus Monthly Horoscope for August 2012
Professionals engaged in software development are likely to get good job offers from abroad. This can also open the door of new avenues for you. The time is also just right for those looking for a rewarding career in a dynamic environment to equip yourself with strong communication and inter-personal skills to brighten your chances. Friendliness with a true friend would bring the gift of love in life. This would make your life happier & meaningful. Restrain yourself from taking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Asthma patients must keep themselves away from pollution to avoid the aggravation of their problem.
Lucky Color: Orange
Lucky Number: 12
Gemini Monthly Horoscope for August 2012
Success in competitive exams this month is likely to open the road of higher avenues for you. However, self-confidence/discipline will be highly required on your part to bring expected results. Those in love should not lose heart if your first attempt does not yield desired success. You need to understand that failures are quite natural in love and in fact are the beauty of life. Therefore avoid a hasty step. Rash driving could cause some health problems. It would therefore be in your interest to avoid this to save yourself from unnecessary problems. Also give yourself the dose of social company to boost spirits. There are indications that you may enjoy happiness in the company of friend.
Lucky Color: Purple
Lucky Number: 6
Cancer Monthly Horoscope for August 2012
A very good month for people associated with theatre. Your fine display of creativity is likely to be highly appreciated. It would be better to join some regular course where you could learn more to bring forth your talent. A hesitating nature may prevent from developing a romantic relationship. It is time for you to realize the importance of love in life. There are indications that it will bring sea changes in your personality, making your days brighter & sunnier. The month brings a special surprise as far as health is concerned. There are indications that you are likely to get rid from prolong aches & joint pains. Engaging yourself in outdoor activities will benefit you. 
Lucky Color: Lavender
Lucky Number: 1
Leo Monthly Horoscope for August 2012
Consider a business opportunity, which comes your way early this month as it is likely to bring you much required gains. For IT Professionals, colleagues at work might not be supportive to their plans. However, they need to work in close harmony with them to get the work done. Approach in love life should be very carefully treaded. Make sure you don’t look desperate otherwise it could make you look cheap. At the same time your chance of winning her/him might just fade. Keep in mind that a regular exercising regimen is must for you this month to fight the irritating health ailments and on the other hand help you keep fit. Diabetic patients must take the help of Yoga to cure their ailment.
Lucky Color: Green
Lucky Number: 3
Virgo Monthly Horoscope for August 2012
To wither away the rough time at work you will have to devote much of your time in planning & decision-making. Chances of your promotion with an important position in the hierarchy are also high. You need to be careful as someone might try to flatter or flirt to enjoy your company. Therefore it would be in your interest to ignore these kinds of advances. Teenagers might find it a little difficult to restrain them from falling in love this month. If possible, choose an exercising activity that will make your heart and lungs function and perform well. This would enable you to keep fit and keep the health problems at bay.  
Lucky Color: Golden
Lucky Number: 5
Libra Monthly Horoscope for August 2012
This month calls for paying a bit more attention as far as the health is concerned. Obesity and diabetes may create some health-related problems forcing you to postpone your important assignments. You should therefore make efforts to get rid of this completely. A month of special care for IT professionals when they are required to devote much of their time to accurately assessing their strengths & weaknesses. A large number of strategic moves depend solely on speedy decision-making process. Knowing your real skills would enable you to improve them. Those in love may face some times of misunderstandings or small fights during the mid of the month. Thus maintaining a low profile on this front would be important in order to keep the mind cool and calm.
Lucky Color: Red
Lucky Number: 15
Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for August 2012
You should involve yourself in some physical activities and take care of your health; especially that excessive weight that you have gained in the past few months. Keep in mind that obesity will make you vulnerable to many ailments and prevent from enjoying the beauties of life. This month may also leave you over burdened with the work at work place. Success on your part would not only bring mental satisfaction but also enable to undertake additional responsibilities. This month your new-found-love and your heart will be filled with the fantasies of a dreamy date where love is always in the air. But it would require some serious efforts on your part to translate it into reality. Better to invest quality time depending upon the mood of your lover/beloved and intensity of your relationship.
Lucky Color: Golden
Lucky Number: 4
Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for August 2012
This month keeping a positive outlook towards life will give the much-needed tonic to your health. But it would require a forceful- aggressive as well as passionate approach on your part to remove all the obstacles coming in the way of you enjoying a sound health. This month you are likely to realise that it requires both time and effort to reap the desired results at work place. It is this reason that helps you put your best feet forward and achieve what is truly yours and you had been longing for on the professional front. If you are too tired in your courting and love affair- then this month you are going to get a cure for your sweet ailment. There are strong indications that you will be successful in turning it into a life long bond. But the onus of infusing life in this lies in you.
Lucky Color: Brown
Lucky Number: 6
Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for August 2012
You will sincerely try to get rid of the bad habit of always getting upset over trivial issues by cultivating a generous attitude towards life to benefit health. Those already facing health problems would get some respite by the mid of the month. Romantic life promises some enthralling encounters especially at the beginning and the end of the month. However the success of love life much depends on spending valuable time with each other to strengthen the bond. Those trying to bathe in the sea of love for the first time will have to work patiently to get positive results. Unexpected things going in your favour will immensely boost your confidence at professional front. There are indications that you are likely to be entrusted with an important responsibility at the beginning of the month. Politicians in particular find a very smooth sailing throughout the month.
Lucky Color: Yellow
Lucky Number: 18
Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for August 2012
You are likely to keep an optimistic attitude and positive thinking to benefit health. The good news is that you will succeed in maintaining a distance from things affecting physical as well as mental health. A good health would positively reflect on romantic life on enjoying a delightful journey with partner to relive golden memories. Chances that you plan a nice outing far from the madding crowd to make the best use of the time. However there are also chances that some of you could face testing times in mid of the month. You are likely to meet a professional making a big difference in your professional life. However it would be in your interest not to forget devoting time on acquiring new technical skills to enhance career prospects. A sudden eruption of crisis in mid of the month would require your immediate intervention.
Lucky Color: Blue
Lucky Number: 8
Pisces Monthly Horoscope for August 2012
Your cheerfulness would enable enjoying a sound health. Although there are no signs of facing any health problems, yet it would be better not to take health for granted. It is also an opportune time to pay attention to spirituality to enhance mental toughness. At romantic front you could face some problems especially at the beginning of the month. It is therefore time to keep-on nurturing the loving relationship by keeping in mind that love is a rainbow of life, which should always shine. Your communication skills coupled with positive attitude brighten chances at work. It is high time to make the fullest use of your aspirations, supportive nature and open mindedness to your benefit. Those interested in joining armed forces are likely to succeed on getting positive results in competitive examinations.
Lucky Color: Pink
Lucky Number: 9