This horoscope presents the forecast on finance, career, love and health, for the sun sign, Aries, for the year 2013.
Astrology: Aries: Aries 2013 Free Horoscope

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Aries 2013 Free Horoscope

A high and energetic life is on the cards for the year 2013. Despite challenges and oppositions throughout, you’ll enjoy an active year ahead. Apply positive aspects to life for a healthy lifestyle. No major concerns have been predicted; however, being a little cautious can enable you to stay fit, both physically and mentally. Stick to a proper diet to stay on-the-go. Support will flow in from family members, keeping you away from making any unreasonable demands. Sit back, relax and sketch out a plan for your responsibilities and other tasks to execute in the second half. Travel only if you must. The months of June, August and October should be completely avoided for traveling. Personal belongings and possessions should be handled with extra care. Stay away from making any real estate deals during June and October, since you’ll be at a higher risk of getting cheated or duped.
Finances and Career: Finances will flow easily, though you’ll have to think twice before indulging in any kind of extravagant expenditures. Fulfill your pleasures, but do not override your pocket. Tensions are likely to arise at the workplace, so you need to keep yourself in control. Nothing’s major to worry about as it’s only office politics. Creative ideas and inventiveness will be your assets, resulting in higher levels of success, provided you plan strategically.
Love and Romance: Love matters may not be as smooth as you may expect. The essence of romance will subside initially, but will kick back with time. To reap the benefits of true love, you’ll have to put in lots of efforts in terms of passion, sincerity, and understanding. Else, your relationship will see challenges, if you do not solve the problem at the earliest. Both partners are required to infuse in trust and belief to keep the fire burning.
Health and Relationship: 2013 does not foresee any major issues related to health. However, staying alert and precautionary will benefit you. Avoid foods that are harmful for you. Follow proper dietary habits to stay fit and fine. Singletons will spark new favorable relationships. Also, the ever-growing attractiveness will smooth your route of convincing, alluring or expressing your love for your partner. Your relationship will now proceed beyond the mere appearance and infatuation, graduating into a companionship of committed mates.
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Color: Light Red
Lucky Months: March, May and September
The onset of a new year brings along a new phase of life. January suggests you to be a little diplomatic. Chances are higher that your intuition may prove wrong; hence, avoid presenting your views on prediction or gut feeling. Also, speak only if you are provoked to do so. Do not make any attempts over winning the heart of an erring person; you’ll land up with deceit only. Lack of knowledge on a new gadget or machine may depress you. Every relationship sees its respective highs and lows, and so will yours. Your partner is likely to avoid acting on your words. Do not let these diminutive issues bother you. Handle your subordinates with care and compassion.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: Forest Green
A New Year brings in plenty of new resolutions, but how many of us actually keep up to them? You, too, may face difficulty in handling them, but there surely isn’t any harm in giving them one try. Keep a clear mind on how to accomplish your objectives. Hark work and complete determination will yield success on the academic front. Want some money? Pending debts will be cleared off and fill your pockets with greens. You’ll stay fit with a balanced diet and active lifestyle. Attraction towards the opposite sex is on the cards.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Violet
Keep your fingers crossed as this month has plenty to give in your kitty. Express your responsibility towards a family elder in order to keep your reputation. Bouts of frustration are expected as your superiors may not approve of the work you want to do, at office. Sip on some ice-cold breezer, as it is a temporary phase that’ll pass on. With a half-hearted approach, you may lose the opportunity on the academic front. Sit back and evaluate your social relationships to strengthen them. To stay healthy, avoid consuming street and junk food.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: Silver
The first week has plenty in-store for you. Keep your fingers crossed as excitement will rule you throughout the month. Your hard work will receive you loads of applauds, especially that you are good at. Luck will favor some of you as an important appointment is coming ahead. Novice entrepreneurs will be fortunate to establish themselves successfully in terms of money. In academics, you’ll be at the lead at an event or exhibition. Personally, you’ll have to work on winning upon someone who has not been attending to your questions for sometime over an issue.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Parrot Green
If you’ve been eyeing on to try your hand at something, this is the right time. All your patience and determination will start yielding you sweet fruits. Plus, you’ll overcome your rivals, revealing their true self. You’ll excel in academics, giving you reasons to celebrate. A half left project will become your responsibility which you’ll complete with effectiveness and be praised. A fun-filled friends reunion is bound to take place soon. Wherever possible, avoid indulging in alcohol and non-vegetarian. Being talented, you’ll get a number of great job offers.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: Dark Green
Celebrations continue to keep you busy during this month as well. However, caution is required as being over excited can drown you. Currently, you’ll be facing some difficulties which you should overcome as soon as possible. Make the most of your time at workplace as your boss will be out of town for some time. Any urgent issues should be solved on the academic front, else problems are likely to increase, leaving you alone to experience the outcomes. Parents may put certain restrictions. Stick to them, as nothing can be done. Those in a relationship will plan out a trip with their partners.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: Lemon
Let loose yourself as the job you’d been working upon will be accomplished successfully. All old contacts can be renewed, as this is a good phase. Support will flow on the academic front, motivating you to take up projects and perform well. Your monetary help to someone will be appreciated. Finally, the time has come to execute your ideas on the work front, as opportunities are on the cards. You have a traveling expedition to an exotic location lined-up.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Color: Peach
This month presents you a perfect time for putting your objectives into action. Handling new situations will take more time of yours to get adjusted. At home, there are prospects of making changes. Opportunity of investing is on the cards, providing fruitful results towards the end of the month. You’ll be preferred over other colleagues for managing a prestigious job, at office. Someone whom you’ve been getting attracted towards for quite sometime will reciprocate to your feelings finally, rising you to cloud nine.
Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Color: Chocolate
As the month of September approaches, your luck will see changes, for the better. Your qualities will become powerful weapons to impress those significant faces at the workplace. Great performance will flow on the academic front, keeping you in the highlight. Various other positive changes are likely to happen as you’ll shift your residence on transfer. Struggling entrepreneurs and businessmen will succeed in establishing themselves. Travel is on the cards; also, keep all important things in your travel kit. Enjoy the voyage!
Lucky Number: 22
Lucky Color: Sky Blue
Professionally, you’ll get accolades for your work. Yearning to make more money? Cheer up – all your dreams will be realized now! Romantic life will go on a smooth track as you’ll start fulfilling all the promises made to your partner. Also at the work front, someone closely associated with you will charm you. While all is smooth, consider things carefully as there is someone who’s trying hard to seduce you. Family relationships will be strengthened with mutual efforts.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Electric Blue
Fasten your seat belts as new experiences are coming along, this month. Listen to your spouse’s advice to be benefited on the social front. A big item is on the purchasing list as you’ll save sufficient money to finance it. Those in search of new love will have romance on their minds, as a priority. Help will come from a business partner to come out of a tight professional situation. Students will be busy with academic pursuits. Enough practice will be received by those trying their hands at new skills.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Color: Rosy Brown
Perform something positive to start off the month on a high note. Academics will give you satisfactory results. At office, you’ll beat other competitors to grab the project or assignment. You’ll be attracted towards professionals associated with the media. Eligible bachelors will get their perfect match. Money will flow in without much effort. An enjoyable vacation can be predicted, with sure-shot doses of fun and pleasure.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: Indigo