Check out yearly horoscope and predictions for Aries Sun sign for the year 2009.
Astrology: Aries: Aries 2009

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Aries 2009

Lucky Number - 7
Lucky Color - Almond color
Lucky Day -Tuesday
Lucky Dates - 7, 16 and 25
Lucky Month - July
Ishta Deva - Lord Hanuman and Kartikswami
Vrat (Fast) - Tuesday
Charity -To feed hungry people and to give radish, fruit or sweet to gold/black smiths
Lucky Metal - Gold, Copper
Lucky Stone - Red Stone (Munga)
Direction - South
Finger - Ring Finger
The coming year would be prosperous and successful for Aries individuals. The placement of Jupiter, in the 10th and 11th house, is a sign of good future. Your practical approach and hard work will pave the way for success. There will be quite a few contacts with influential people, which will prove beneficial to you. 

Financially, the individuals of Aries Sun sign will be well off. There are strong chances of your long cherished desires being fulfilled in the year 2009. You will also enjoy a good rapport and understanding with your superiors/boss. A change of residence is indicated. Your friends and well-wishers will be of great help and support. Your fame and respect will be on the rise in the New Year 2009.
Saturn’s placement, in the 5th and 6th house, would bring satisfactory results for you. You will be able to bring out your best this year. Your fine imagination and intuition will help you evolve a method, by which, you will be able to earn a lot. 

The position of Rahu, in the 10th and 9th house, will also work in your favor. There can be a few travels, which will open new horizons for you. On the negative side, the health of someone in the family may cause anxiety. Try to capitalize on the positives and make the best use of this period.

Dhyraj Kamale