Breaking the norms is one of the main characteristics of Aquarius women. Explore the personality, love traits & profile of an Aquarian Woman.
Astrology: Aquarius: Aquarius Woman

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Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman manages to etch out a different philosophy in the society, breaking the standard norms and rules of femininity. She would also work her way ahead to make everything else look old-fashioned and outdated. The most definite prerequisite of an Aquarian woman is that she should be treated with respect. Uncompromising, she has high standards set for herself. An Aquarius female is generally characterized as sensitive, intellectual, honest, direct and utmost caring for her near and dear ones. She has great hopes for humanity and will work progressively toward her ideals.
An Aquarian woman had a wide range of interests, which makes her comfortable in any and every group she is in. This makes her in sync with people of different religions and community. An Aquarian female generally lacks self confidence and instead looks up to some divine spirit which would help her in the day-to-day activities. Aquarius women are capable of moving out of a relationship very easily, especially when they get bored of it. Though less emotional, they make faithful partners and work hard to make their marriage work even when it is falling apart, if they think it is worth the effort.
Aquarian women are very helpful in nature, always ready to help others in need. Their open-mindedness gives them the opportunity to support the beliefs of others, rather than imposing their own ideals on them. They are not the typical feminine types and can even do the work of a man without much effort. An Aquarian woman is independent and loves traveling. Though the need for love and affection is there in her, the deal is that it must be in the way she wants it. It is generally noted that an Aquarian woman looks for marriage only after she is satisfied with her intellect.