Check out the yearly predictions of love, marriage and romance horoscope for Aquarius individuals, for the year 2010.
Astrology: Aquarius: Aquarius Love Horoscope 2010

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Aquarius Love Horoscope 2010

Love is the essence of life and the reason to live. It adds color and charm to the relationships. While nobody can acquire full control over the future, one can always be extra cautious when he/she gets to know any adversities that is foreseen beforehand, and get prepared for it. Go through the following lines and get comprehensive information on the yearly predictions of love, marriage and romance for Aquarius individuals, for the year 2010.
The year 2010 is great for romance, for Aquarius individuals. Lots of opportunities would come your way in February. Social gatherings would pave the way for liaison with your partner or love mate. The year 2010 would be a fulfilling time for young Aquarians, as their wishes will come true. Working colleagues will get marriage proposals. The year will prove to be a good time to celebrate your success in romantic liaisons. Aquarius individuals, who are bachelors, might find their perfect love match in the year 2010.
Saturn, the lord of your first house, would transit in the 8th house this year, which is a house of risk. Aquarius individuals who are already married might be blessed with a baby. Elderly people would recuperate from any ailment that occurs during the year and will enjoy a great time with their loved ones. It is advised to stay focused on all minor issues of debate with loved ones, as it could catapult against you with the shadow planet Ketu in the 5th house and Saturn in the 8th house of risk.

Bharath Sharma