Explore the article to get the yearly forecast/predictions of health horoscope, for the sun sign Aquarius, for the year 2010.
Astrology: Aquarius: Aquarius Health Forecast For 2010

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Aquarius Health Forecast For 2010

One can enjoy all the luxuries of life, only by maintaining physical fitness and mental peace. While we cannot control what is in the future, it is always possible to have a broad idea about what is going to happen. The astrologers worldwide foretell the health conditions for the future. They help people a great deal to remain precautious and get prepared for the foreseen adversities. Here is comprehensive information on the yearly health predictions for individuals born under the sun sign Aquarius.  
The year 2010 will prove to be favorable for Aquarius individuals, to maintain good health. Saturn will be positioned in the 8th house, which is the house of risk and depression, which would in turn be reflected on your lifestyle. As a result, lifestyle related diseases like hypertension or diabetes might surface in 2010. Infectious diseases, shivering, blood pressure, dental or tonsil problems are other conditions that might affect the health of Aquarius individuals. Exercise is the key to your well being. 

Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu will be placed the 11th and 5th house, respectively. The position of the shadow planets would pose hindrance in acquiring mental peace. Consequently, your cooperation from the society would also be lacking. Try not to travel in the months of June and July, as loss and trouble in journey are indicated. Face every situation very patiently. There are possibilities of spiritual growth.

Bharath Sharma