Do you want to how Aquarians will fare, in terms of health and wealth, in the coming year? Explore Aquarius horoscope & predictions for 2009.
Astrology: Aquarius: Aquarius Health Forecast for 2009

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Aquarius Health Forecast for 2009

Health and wealth are two important aspects of our life. As a new year approaches, we get anxious to know how our health and wealth would be in the coming days. Curiosity gets the better of us. How would our health fare in the coming year? Will the New Year bring in a lot of money? Will it be favorable? These are some of the questions that strike our mind as the present year passes into a new one. In the following lines, we provide Aquarius horoscope for the year 2009, pertaining to health and wealth related matters.
2009 would be a mixed bag as far as the health and wealth of Aquarius individuals is concerned. While you are likely to come across delightful occasions every now and then, there are chances of difficult times as well. Learn to act with caution at all times.
Due to Rahu, this year will be full of unexpected events, bringing both positive and negative news for Aquarians. While love is on the cards for teenagers, adults would learn the real lessons of life and find out new philosophies of life. Aged people would not only get freedom from diseases, but also attain sacred knowledge. Along with it, they are also likely to get salvation (moksha) from the hurdles of life. In 2009, the Aquarians are likely visit the cremation ground a number of times.

Dhyraj Kamale