Go through this horoscope, to know the career & business predictions of Aquarius Sun sign for year 2009.
Astrology: Aquarius: Aquarius Career and Business Predictions 2009

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Aquarius Career and Business Predictions 2009

Career is an important choice in everyone’s life. Once you have completed your education, it is time to utilize it by making out a living for yourself. Today, career is one of the prime aspects of life, for both males and females. Every individual seeks to make an independent identity for himself/herself first and only then, he plunges on to the other aspects of life. While only some of us are ardent believers of horoscopes, almost all of us read it at least once. For the creative Aquarians, we have provided 2009 horoscope, with respect to their career.
Aquarians will not find the coming year to be favorable on the career front. You might be cheated on, by your partner or colleagues and thus, would have to face loss and failure. The professionals and politicians will not be able to please their superior and thus, would get not be able to get help or support from them. This year, your important works will seldom get done. Loss and trouble in journey are also indicated. Try to face every situation patiently. 
It is advisable for the Aquarians not to start any new work in 2009 and to be careful of their business partners or colleagues. The coming year is also not suitable for a change in the current career/job profile, so avoid taking such a decision. Disputes over land and property are also expected. To prevent all these problems, worship Lord Shiva. Early in the morning, pour milk - mixed with water, on the Shivalingam, while chanting ‘Ram Ram’. Try to read hanuman chalisa on a daily basis. This would help you maintain peace of mind.

Dhyraj Kamale