Explore this free comprehensive horoscope and find out what stars have in-store for Aquarius for 2013, in terms of career, finance, love and health.
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Aquarius 2013 Free Horoscope

If 2012 had been a year of back falls and hardships, the upcoming year will provide you with a great sigh of relief. With your life soon-to-be back on track, the year 2013 presents you a platter full of positive energies, rich possibilities, and prospective opportunities. Expect a strong influence of improvement on both personal and professional front. All your hard work will start paying off, giving you enough time to indulge in pleasure and leisure, as well. A stretch of good luck can be foreseen in all aspects of life, be it work, money or fame. With worries and anxieties moving out, your health quotient will be good, piping in more liveliness. Stay fit and fine by incorporating a healthy diet and moderate lifestyle. Your assets will increase quickly, offering you a chance to invest in real estate, though you need to be cautious while investing in any new channel. It is better to stick to commercial property rather than residential ones.
Finance & Career: Finances will favor you and yield good fruits for all the hard work you’d undertaken in the yester years. While money will flow through luck, fortune and legacy, hold back yourself on the expenditure aspect, which can otherwise hamper your future. With new directions predicted on the career field, changes and evolution will come your way, compelling you to take decisions on long-term budgets. Entrepreneurs have a potential year to take their businesses to a higher level, through expansion or new ventures. However, they’ll have to outsource some work to execute their plans. Professionals may find threats from their colleagues who’ll try to engage in workplace politics; however, they’ll manage to keep away easily. Responsibilities will be coming along those working in the government sector. Those preparing for civil service examinations will find success.
Love and Romance: Your love life will continue to be influenced favorably on the positive end. Especially if you are in search of a new partner, this is the right time. However, if you still assume love to be a child’s play, dude, it’s time that you get serious about such sensitive issues. Since your beloved is willing to take the relationship to the next level, you’ll have to think twice before you take the leap. Avoid commitments if you aren’t ready to tie the marital knot. You’ll be surrounded by unexpected highs and lows through the first half of the year. Every small step counts; proceed cautiously!
Health & Relationships: Allow your emotions and feelings to take the back seat for a positive impact on your health. Though you’ll be in good condition, take care of cold and stress. Keep some energy in the storehouse for future use. To improve your sex life, infuse in some tactics to strengthen your love life and bring harmony and meaning to the relationship.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: All shades of Green
Lucky Months: September & December
Extra care is required on the health front, since you may have to encounter adverse health issues. Also, difficulties at work need to be handled with caution. A family matter will have to be dealt with flexibility. To keep the romance alive and add strength to the relationship, you’ll have to initiate. All the money saved for a specific purpose will have to be spent on another task. You’ll extract the maximum fun out of the trip you plan with your friends and associates.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Electric Blue
The beginning of the romantic month will smooth out things from the previous month. New opportunities can be seen on the professional end, giving you umpteen chances to try your hand at something new and different, from the usual chores. This will give you a good break and yield positive returns. A good way to refresh yourself as well! Distractions will keep you occupied, if you do not learn how to divert from them in order to focus on your academics. An issue on the personal front is expected as one of your family members is likely to feel neglected. Limit travel journeys to keep exhaustion at bay. Lastly, investing wisely will make good and more money.
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Color: Maroon
All your efforts at office will start paying off, as a popular position or assignment is coming your way. Take time to uncover your hidden talents and skills to keep yourself happy and busy throughout. A competition is in-store which you’ll conquer successfully. Money will flow from different sources – nothing to worry about. A social event will be managed effortlessly winning you accolades and admiration from all corners.
Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Color: White
Health issues will start departing your body, keeping you fitter and finer than before. Add a personal touch to your duties at work to receive the much-desired appreciation. Your art of solving problems at studies will make you the center of attraction. Romantic life will pep up as you may be given returns for your affections towards that someone special. An act executed by a family member will bring pride to you. An unplanned journey will provide you joy and happiness.
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Color: Golden Brown
Mistakes are likely to happen at the professional front; hence, keep conversations to minimum with more emphasis on the listening segment. Avoid talking and criticizing on people’s back, else you may fall in their bad books. Watch your steps again as words or actions may upset your spouse or any family member. Fulfilling a social commitment may seem to be difficult, but not impossible. The financial graph is likely to slow down, due to some problem. You’ll find success at attracting an associate towards you.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: Sea Green
Expect a month full of rewards, now. You’ll fly off to an international destination and explore magnificent places. Finances will yet again improve with a profitable agreement. With academics, you’ll come out with flying colors. Though money will not be a constraint, you need to spend it wisely and sensibly. You’ll enjoy your social life to the full. A plan with your friends is on the cards, which cannot be avoided.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Color: Cream
Making decisions without any support may seem to be difficult, but take this opportunity as a mark of motivation and proceed further. To affix yourself on the professional front, you’ll have to showcase your hidden talent and skills. At home, the prevailing atmosphere will be more joyful than expected – stay happy and enjoy. Attraction on the romantic side is on the cards. Singletons are likely to tie the marital knot soon. Purchasing a car will be a dream-come-true for some.
Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Color: Electric Grey
Any task that you take up should be executed with impartiality. Keep an eye on the work delegated to the subordinates. You’ll have several responsibilities on your shoulders on the professional end, but will fulfill all with the right amount of dedication. Though expenses will increase, but the growing income will take care of everything. Your spouse may be in an extreme romantic mood – take this as the perfect time to plan a romantic candlelight dinner! Health will be benefitted with the steps you take now.
Lucky Number: 22
Lucky Color: Turquoise
You’ll be occupied with different hobbies and leisurely activities. You are likely to get too protective towards someone, resulting in revolt from your family. Keep your temper under control while revealing someone’s true self. When stuck somewhere, approach someone in your close networking. Currently, you’ll be free from any kind of monetary issues. No health concerns are predicted. Expect interference in your love life.
Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Color: Bottle Green
Your love track may take some twists and turns, but hope for the best. By getting in touch with the right contacts, you’ll achieve success in business. A close associate is likely to come and share your home for few days. Avoid sharing your workload with your group on the academic front, as it will not do any good. Be wary of the increasing expenditures. You’ll face difficulty in adjusting the normal workout routine.
Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Color: Cream
You’ll get plenty of chances to enjoy, but don’t overexert at the cost of your health. With real estate, you can expect something realistic. Professionally, you’ll flourish in accomplishing the given targets. On the home front, a dreadful situation will be solved, with your patience and tolerance. You are likely to come across new tracks on the financial end. Be prepared for new situations and how to handle them.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Color: Crimson
You may have to push yourself to complete an important assignment. Independent tasks will provide you better success. Professionally, your reputation will increase. In academics, you’ll have to maintain contacts with the right people for positive results. An exciting trip is on the cards. Let your heart out, to enjoy completely! A controversial property deal will be resolved with mutual agreement. Stay determined to stay fit. Good money flow is predictable.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Metallic Blue